The new album will be called “Ithaka” and is ready to manufacture. I’m hoping it will be available on iTunes and Amazon by the end of February, but unfortunately that’s outside of my control. Here’s the cover, in the meantime…

There are 10 songs on the CD. I’m proud of the songwriting and I’m REALLY happy with the production. My friend Aram Arslanian at Kingsley Garden Studios helped me with the production and did all the mixing. The songs were mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering.

I hope you will check it out. If you like it, consider supporting the struggling artist who created it. 🙂

New album news. We’re finishing up the last few nits and album will go to the mastering guru on Wednesday January 17th! The album will be called “Ithaka” and will have 10 tunes on it. It’s sounding great, thanks to my co-producer Aram Arslanian at Kingsley Garden Music. No release date yet but it should be within the next month or two.

We’re finally finished with tracking the new CD. That means that all of the individual tracks are recorded, and Aram and I are starting to work on final mixes of the 10 tunes on the CD. Our goal is to release early in 2018, so stay tuned!

After a considerable delay, I’m finally starting work on a new CD. I’ve finished demo versions of all of the tunes and sent them off to my buddy Aram at Kingsley Garden Music. He recorded and produced my last CD “The Way”, and I loved the results. It made sense to use his skills again.

There are good reasons for the delay. I’ve been busy with remodelling our house in France, and there are a million small tasks that are absolutely required when you’re changing countries. Simple things aren’t so simple anymore when they have to be done in French and done according to new rules. We’re finally getting on top of most of the “have to” issues, so I actually have time to work on the most important things again!

The new CD will be all new songs, written over the past couple of years as I prepared to eject from one life (working stiff in the USA) and parachute into a new one (full-time musician in France). I’m really excited about the music, and looking forward to getting down to the recording and mixing.

I expect to finish it late Spring or early Summer 2017. But my expectations have a habit of not turning out to be met. Anyway, it will be a worthwhile next step in this long musical journey.

Stay tuned!

Life is a journey. Not a very original thought, but one that has been running through my mind lately.

After countless years of trying to balance music and a day job, I’ve been lucky enough to arrive at a place in life where I can simplify and focus on what really matters. So from here on out, it’s all music all the time.

This change includes leaving the US for France. I’m setting up shop in southwestern France where living is a bit cheaper and the inspiration is a bit stronger. Old stones and stuff like that. I plan occasional trips back to the US for gigs and recording, but this will be home for the foreseeable future.

So this is the next stage of my personal journey. I’m looking forward to making a lot more music once I get things sorted out over here. First thing is to get my guitar back from the moving company! After that, everything should start flowing again.

I’ve posted 2 new videos to the site that I’m very happy with.

These are 2 new songs – currently unreleased but scheduled for the next CD. We shot the videos in my temporary home of San Diego, California with the help of Frank Rodrick of

It was a challenge shooting live video and audio with barking dogs and joggers passing by, but Frank was a true pro and made it all come out beautifully!

Look for more videos soon from my new home in the beautiful south of France!

Thanks for coming to this site. Hopefully you’re here because you’re interested in my music. If so, you’re in luck!

I’ve just moved from beautiful Portland, Oregon to beautiful San Diego, California, so I’m not performing yet. It takes a while to get the network developed. In the meantime, there’s a lot of music on this site that you can check out.

All 3 of my CDs and my single are on the “Music” page. You can play them and check out the lyrics. And on the “Videos” page there are 2 videos taken back in October 2013 that feature myself, my beautiful wife Robin, and my buddy Bill Chapman as the Rich DeVore Trio.

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