“Harmonious” is an adjective that characterizes Rich DeVore’s goals, both as a person and as a musician. Recently relocated to a small town in southwestern France, Rich is a veteran singer/songwriter who has entertained at a wide range of events and venues in the Pacific Northwest.


Rich’s music celebrates humanity, accepts differences and embraces community. Using his 12-string guitar “Belle” in a unique tuning, he performs music in the folk tradition, but with a different sound and a focus on rhythmic drive. The combination of emotional lyrics, interesting chords, and strong rhythm creates the sweet result that Rich calls “Music from the Heart”.

A lifelong student of music, Rich plays multiple instruments in multiple genres. He feels that he’s fulfilling his life’s work when listeners enjoy and react to his original songs.

Rich believes that the basis for a happy, healthy life (and a happy, healthy planet) is the love and understanding that we exchange with the people around us.

10 Facts About Rich:

    1. A computer programmer by day, Rich has had music in his life for as long as he can remember and has composed more than 150 original songs in many genres.
      (It started early!)
    2. Born in Southern California, Rich has lived all over the world and is fluent in French and can speak passable Dutch in a pinch. His outlook on life evolved while living in Paris and Brussels in the 90’s. Living among “old stones” of Europe underscored the realization that generations have passed – a sense of time not often felt in young America.
    1. Rich is in awe of his wife Robin’s amazing voice and credits her support in helping him fulfill his passion for music.
Rich and Robin singing with the Rich DeVore Trio in 2013
    1. Rich has performed in 10 bands as a professional musician. Some highlights include playing bass for Mary Wilson of the Supremes at the Portland Convention Center in 2012 and playing at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Oregon in 2006 and 2007.
benefit-2012-onstage-058 BluesFest2 Onstage42
With Mary Wilson Portland Blues Festival Onstage Eugene, Oregon
    1. In addition to guitar, Rich is trained as a woodwind player and plays eight other instruments, which includes the djembe, an African drum.
    1. Rich has a special relationship with his guitar “Belle”. Belle is a 12-string guitar tuned to DADGAD. Rich pulls inspiration from Belle because the guitar and the chords it produces are so beautiful.
    1. In his day job, Rich is the co-holder of five patents and an Emmy award for the design of television production equipment.
    1. Musical inspirations are the “confessional songwriters” of the 70’s and beyond. Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, David Wilcox and Luka Bloom to name a few. The humanity in these artist’s work is something Rich admires and strives to emulate.
    1. Also inspired by poets, Rich likes Rainer Maria Rilke, Rumi and Mary Oliver. Rich responds to the openness and human element in their writing.
    1. Rich also finds inspiration in the works of his two personal heroes, John Muir and Karl Jung, both of whom saw the world as a complex, interconnected web of reality.
Rich would like to thank Frank Rodrick of www.strayshots.com for the beautiful photography on this site.